Sofie de Klerk
Sofie de Klerk
Sofie de Klerk (Rotterdam,1992) is a performance artist based in The Netherlands.
As a classically trained accordionist Sofie found her instrument the perfect choice to take her music outside of the regular concert halls and bring it to a broader audience. She created several projects to achieve that goal. The most recent one was an on location music theatre performance based on the Lighthouse keepers of the lighthouse island just above Amsterdam. Together with Berend Eijkhout (Baritone) she told the story of the last lighthouse keeper who was forced to leave the Island. They’ve used a wide range of lied repertoire including Schubert, Mahler, Fauré and many more, arranged for accordion, voice and bass trombone. This big project came forth out of many years of creating and altering small location based operas. These tailored operas are a collaboration between Sofie and several classical singers.
These years of working together with singers has created an open mind in approaching the traditional classical music. Taking it out of the concert halls, big opera houses and play it in people's living rooms or bars. In this way you communicate more direct with your audience which is the key to Sofie’s artistic philosophy:
‘As a classical accordionist I’ve always felt like a stranger in our midst. The instrument has been a folk instrument for such a long time and when I tell people I play the accordion the first thing they’ll say is: O that’s so much fun! But the music I play is not like that. And how do you explain what you do, how new music sounds and how you make that interesting for not trained ears? Well I ask them to come and listen to my cross over performances. In these performances I combine the new music with chansons and theatrical elements. I don’t perform on a stage but in between the audience so I can immediately she how they respond and react and to open the communication between performer and audience.’
She started this one woman performance in 2016 by taking part in the annual Cabaret show off competition in Amsterdam. The judges had the following to say: ‘a tough and authentic personality. with a lot of guts and a beautiful stage presence.’
Now by working with composers who write pieces for her specifically Sofie aims to bring this performance onto the next higher level. ‘New music should be an experience for the audience, a complete performance in which the gap between performer and audience is no longer there.’
Besides Solo performances Sofie also forms a duo with bass trombone player Mattia Petrogalli called: duo LaForla. They focus on new repertoire for this special combination of instruments. Together they’ve played many concerts in the Netherlands and Italy.
Sofie is part of the newly formed Spaceship collective which is a contemporary music ensemble with: piano, percussion, harpsichord, mandolin, accordion and celesta.

Sofie followed her classical accordion studies at the Royal conservatory of The Hague. She graduated from her bachelors in 2014 and is currently studying there for her master specialization NAIP (new audience and innovative practice) with her accordion teacher An Raskin.
As a performer she played in the following countries: The Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Italy, France and Finland.
Sofie de Klerk