Calling all art lovers!

Join the 'the Hague Art Circle' (Haagse Kunstkring)

If you are interested in The Visual Arts, Music, Design, Literature, or Drama it is easy to get in touch with the Hague Art Circle. You can become an art loving member. Thus you will support the society financially and get into contact with other art loving members. And that means first and foremost having a good time. You will enjoy art and will get in touch with artists in an informal way.

You will be able to be actively involved in many activities:
- You are offered the opportunity to be actively involved in the Circle
- You are personally invited to all events by email
- You can visit most events at the Art Circle for free
- You get a 50% discount on the subscription fee for the life model evenings
- You can join the monthly meal on every second Tuesday for a small price
- Many events open and end with drinks and nibbles
- You get a 5% discount on purchases in the gallery

Membership fee
The membership fee for art lover members is from 2020 € 130 a year.
‘Ooievaar’ cardholders pay only half of the annual subscription fee: € 65,-.

If you become a member in the first, second, third, or fourth quarter of the year you will pay a fee of 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% of the annual fee respectively.

Would you like to become a member? Fill in the form on our website or ask the secretarial department for a paper form. You can also drop by …

Professional members

Professional members are not only member of the Circle but also of one (or more) of the four art sections. Artists who want to join will have their work judged on quality and craftsmanship. Their admission will be put to a vote. If your work comes up to the standard the Hague Art Circle can be your platform as well.

Criteria for the section Visual Arts are:
- power of expression: does the work affect the spectator;
- originality: does the work express a vision of one’s own on the subject and on art;
- authenticity: uniqueness of the work, it can only have been made by this particular artist;
- craftmanship: effective realization, technical command ;
- presentation: is the work presented in the best possible manner;
- development: do the work and the way it is documented offer insight in the artist’s capacity to grow and develop his/her talent;

For the section Visual Arts a ballotage is held three times a year. The next ballotage will be on Monday 21 September.

Practical Information
Membership fees:
- Professional members from 2020: € 105 per year
- ‘Ooievaars’ pass holders: € 52,50 per year

Finally... A non-subsidized organization like the Hague Art Circle can only serve its members thanks to their subscription fees and, more importantly, their commitment. Your membership makes it possible for the Art Circle to provide its services to professional artists.

Due to technical problems we could not change the membership fee in the application forms. Please be aware of the correct fees as mentioned above!

Application for membership

  1. Professional member Visual Arts
  2. Professional member Literature, Film and Theatre, Music