Gerard ten Broek
Gerard ten Broek
Gerard ten Broek is an autodidact based in The Hague, The Netherlands.
My work consist of open air landart, paintings, drawings, photographs, installations, sculptures and video art,
I combine the organic and dynamic images in nature with my Landart to create ephemeral art. I always look for the synergies between different art forms. My ephemeral art arises in and with nature.
You can often find me on the beaches of The Hague and the surrounding area. Working together with all natural elements that are available there; sun, sea, sand, clouds, mirages, the tides in all weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, fata morgana’s, hail and storm.
Searching for optical and surreal illusions.
Accentuate contrasts, using reflections and shadows.
All landart creations are created, performed and photographed/filmed by me on the ground and as well with a drone from the air.
I provide the film and photo material with sound and for joint projects, a musician, band or orchestra composes special music and a cinematographer edits it into a professional end product. (e.g. at Creative minds projects)
Gerard ten Broek